7 product highlights from LightFair

Modern Forms’ Juliette sconce. Image courtesy of Jeff Dross

Lighting veteran Jeffrey Dross attended the recent LightFair show in Las Vegas, and shared with us what caught his eye. The following is excerpted from his blog:

A track-head with “joystick”

LightFair Glint fixed track head lighting

Glint’s fixed track lighting. Photo courtesy of Jeff Dross

The Glint Lighting Hero track-head is different than most. The head stays in place and direction of light is regulated with the use of a small “joystick” that can be fixed, once placement has been established. This is great for two reasons. Visually, you don’t have competing heads bent in varied directions along a ceiling. Secondly, the light will stay where the designer wants it. Once fixed, errant lights, loosened joints and drooping cans are a thing of the past. This is a nice simple solution.

Cute rechargeable patio lights

Beelite, a company I have only know as providing ammonia resistant poultry lighting, showed a cute little collection of rechargeable patio lights. Nothing on their website as yet, but keep an eye out for these!

Flexible LED filled tubing

LightFair Tivoli Flexile lighting

Tivoli’s Flexile lighting. Image courtesy of Jeff Dross

I know there have been a lot of variations on the theme of flexible LED filled tubing, but the Tivoli Flexile could be a nice addition to a space. To prove my point, right down the aisle was LumoTubo with very much the same thing. This proves again how much LED has changed our approach to lighting.

A stunning sconce

LightFair Modern Forms sconce lighting

Modern Forms’ Juliet sconce. Image courtesy of Jeff Dross

Have I missed the Modern Forms Juliet sconce, or is it new? Never mind. It is a stunner!

A lighted post

Within their architectural systems category, Wagner Architectural Products includes Lumenrail, lighting solutions for railing. I was especially drawn to the lighted post, a dot of light tucked up inside a wrap, rather than on the rail portion. I thought this was a nice idea.

Hidden fire alarms

I was reminded of this product while talking to a friend on the show floor. Concealite hides fire alarms and emergency lighting behind revolving panels. GUV lighting options are recently available. They also provide emergency “Exit” signs that disappear into the drywall for a much more aesthetically sensitive result. If you’re involved in commercial buildings, this is a nice resource.

Customizable LED solutions

Both Pure Edge and Klus showed customizable LED solutions using aluminum extrusions. The Pure Edge TruCirque allows for the creation of drywall deep circles from 3’-0” to 18’-0” in diameter. The LED Tape is applied to the edge(s) of the extrusion and a snap-in lens is then provided. Klus MIFOR70 invites custom designed curved form luminaires (within some pretty broad parameters) to be imagined. Both clearly indicate how LED is changing the concept of lighting and decorative luminaires.

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