$899 is the sweet spot for wall décor: Leftbank Art

Home Accents Today spoke with creative director Frankie Daniel of California-based manufacturer Leftbank Art to get an update on the wall décor category.

Q. What are your top three themes for wall art right now?

Our top three themes include:

  • New Traditional — Art that appeals to a classic, traditional look with a modern touch that is perfect for layered and /or wall gallery moments.
  • Dimensional Abstract and Neon — Bold, with movement, is a big theme for us, and our dimensional abstracts bend the visual space, creating a captivating sense of depth within each design, while our neon collections create a visually stimulating platform to enliven any interior design.
  • Coastal Photography — Coastal art has been a big hit for us, and we are now taking that a step further with photographed coastal scenes to add inspired realism to this theme.

Q. What price point are the most retailers looking for? And size?

We are finding an average price of around $899 is a sweet spot for most retailers. While our 40”X60” artwork is a common size sold at retail, we find that consumers are looking for varied sizes for their décor, from small to large.

Q. What differentiates your products?

Our ability to customize any design, in terms of color, size and substrate, is a real differentiator for us. We like to continuously push the envelope in our product offering, introducing a diverse range of subjects and substrates, and capture what the end consumer wants. Plus, with our U.S.-based operations, we can offer competitive pricing and quick ship selections that support our retailers’ and customers’ needs.

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