Affordable White Washable Slipcovers: Ikea Ektorp Chairs

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Affordable White Washable Slipcovers: Ikea Ektorp Chairs

Are you looking for affordable white washable slipcovers? This has been one of my most frequently asked questions and something I’ve been looking for as well. Today I’ll share my new slipcovers for my Ikea Ektorp chairs, and hope my source might work for you, too.
White slipcovers might not scream fall nesting to you, but there is not a style specification or color palette for fall nesting! You can create a cozier feel in fall and winter seasons with whatever style and color scheme inspires you in your home. As I’ve always said, fall is a state of mind and being as well as about how you feel in your home. We’ll talk lots more about that in coming weeks.

Finding affordable slipcovers!

I’ve long been a fan of white washable slipcovers on our Pottery Barn sofas, so I always get lots of questions about slipcovers! When we moved to this home last fall, it came furnished with slipcovered Ikea Ektorp sofa and chairs. Our Pottery Barn sofa was given to our daughter because it was too large for this room.

While we may at some point get new furniture (probably not until our remodel is complete), I do love the Ikea Ektorp sofa and chairs so we are in no hurry to get rid of them. They are a classic shape, so comfy and really offer a cottage look I love. Slipcovers are a simple solution to refresh your chairs without buying new ones, if you can find an affordable option (or have them made or make them yourself!). In the past I’ve found my Pottery Barn slipcovers for less than retail prices on Etsy, Ebay or Facebook marketplace. I’ve also bought store model slipcovers (or if you live near an outlet store that could be a good possibility, too!).

Affordable White Washable Slipcovers: Ikea Ektorp Chairs
Sources: Blanket on back of sofa (reversible, see more here) // Blue and white rug // Similar Mirror

Decorating on a budget over time

After a long year of everyone in our family moving to different homes, our daughter Courtney’s wedding this summer, guests visiting and planning our kitchen remodel, we really haven’t spent much time or money decorating! But with fall around the corner, the nesting bug finally hit. I got inspired with some ideas to make this room feel more like home!

Even though we’ll be getting new flooring and making other changes in these rooms over time, who knows how long all of that will take! So instead of waiting for a perfect time to decorate, I started making a few simple more affordable swaps this week to feel more at home in this season. It’s more than OK to decorate in stages that make sense timing and budget wise.

The whole room feels refreshed with our pretty blue and white rug we had brought over in the move from our last home, rearranging the room with a round table and fresh white slipcovers on the chairs! It’s so fun to see how different a room can feel simply by rearranging and using things you have (as well as by updating slipcovers!).

I didn’t want to spend money on furniture yet, nor did I want to invest in expensive slipcovers for the pieces we have. I’m not sure what I’ll want in here long term. So I did some hunting and found these slipcovers on Amazon (!) that would fit our existing chairs. They offer others that fit other styles, too. I’m glad I took a chance on these as it turns out I LOVE THEM!

Affordable White Washable Slipcovers: Ikea Ektorp Chairs
Slipcovers for Ikea Ektorp Chairs (click for details)

I’m very pleased with this affordable update to our furniture and room. Now I can’t wait to keep going! Sometimes you just have to get started, right?

How do these slipcovers compare to Pottery Barn?

These white slipcovers fit, feel and look EXACTLY like our soft warm white denim slipcovers from Pottery Barn. I’ve owned several from Pottery Barn sand I love what they feel like. These seem to be good quality and have piping trim, too, which makes them feel more custom. I can’t guarantee they’ll keep the price as affordable in the future (some places seem to raise prices after I share about products I’ve found, so just be aware!). If you want to update your home for fall and have chairs that would work with these, it’s a good time to grab them.

I will also say that I had the IKEA white slipcover on an Ektorp chair years ago and I really didn’t like it. This white slipcover seems SO much nicer than the IKEA one (at least the one I had), so I’m very happy with it so far. I also found that sometimes IKEA and Pottery Barn slipcovers have been interchangeable, but not always.

Affordable White Washable Slipcovers: Ikea Ektorp Chairs
Sources: White Slipcovers // Blue and White Mugs // Similar Woven Round Tray

Definitely feels more like home to me with white slipcovers in this room! YAY! Some of you still might wonder why I chose white when it’s almost fall (or because we have dogs, ha!) I find white works year round in our home and with our cottage / beach house style. Also white can be easily added to with layers of texture, pattern and color to update the look in any season.

Affordable White Washable Slipcovers: Ikea Ektorp Chairs
Sources: Blue and White Rug // Similar Leather Ottoman // Wood Drop Leaf Table in Corner

How do you keep white slipcovers clean with dogs?

May of you have been curious about how we keep white furniture looking clean when the dogs jump up on them. I have a helpful tip, I recently found wonderful reversible blankets for layering on sofas, chairs and beds, too. You can see our new reversible blankets in this post!

Note: our Ikea Ektorp sofa is slipcovered in light blue, which I love, but I don’t have a good source for that color yet. I will update you if I find one. I’d love to find affordable slipcovers in various patterns, too.

PS. you might notice our blue and white rug is back. It’s indoor/outdoor and on sale!

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