AIAIAI UNIT-4 Fully Wireless Studio Monitors Liberate Music Making

For many years studio monitors were equipment mostly outside the realm of the average person – specialized speakers primarily for audio engineers working inside a studio environment used to fine tune a track/score at very close listening distance. But with the evolution of individual artists producing their own music from their own homes (i.e. Soundcloud musicians), monitors have become more commonly found in bedrooms and home studios. Swedish audio specialists AIAIAI designed the UNIT-4 monitors to cater to these homegrown music creators, a new generation who might benefit from speakers they can lean into while fine tuning their tracks, but can also be taken out into the wild wirelessly to share the fruits of their labor.

A pair of AIAIAI UNIT-4 from a front view shown without their covers with both their tweeter and midrange drivers on display.

The UNIT-4s are completely battery-powered, and operate up to 20 hours of playback between charges. Weighing just a little over 5.5-lbs each, the UNIT-4 is significantly lighter and physically manageable to lug around compared to the traditionally cumbersome and boxy studio monitor.

Aiaiai UNIT 4 studio monitor speaker pair on a table with a pegboard display behind it holding up headphones.

AIAIAI notes the UNIT-4 is capable of reference monitor sound with ultra-low latency playback (just 16ms for uncompressed audio when paired with an X02 transmitter); frequency response is rated for 50Hz to 20kHz with further customization invited using the AIAIAI app’s EQ curve controls, optimized “to create and mix music with accurate sound representation and powerful performance.” These features should make the monitors an ideal pair for anyone who has to make due with the space they’ve got at home, those apt to work from a temporary music mixing setup while traveling, or for a DJ who wants speakers sans concerns about latency or dealing with additional wires.

Black and white image of man at his laptop seen from overhead with two AIAIAI UNIT-4 studio monitors on each side of the computer.

Typically, monitors are designed to be placed closely to the listener allowing them to discern the most intricate details of tracks, and are not moved around often, if at all. On the other hand, the UNIT 4s are a fraction of the size, and are much easier to pick and go thanks to the monitor’s bass vent doubling up as a carrying grip.

Blow-up view of the UNIT-4 studio monitor seen from the side showing its recycled plastic components and easily repairable construction.

The UNIT-4’s recycled plastic components and glue-free construction make these speakers easily repairable, upgradeable, and recyclable.

Wireless playback is employed using the brand’s own dual antenna W+ Link wireless technology or via Bluetooth 5.2. There’s also the option to plug-in a source the old fashioned way using a 3.5mm mini-jack or 6.3mm balanced TRS inputs.

AIAIAI UNIT-4 from side with its front grill angled and slightly removed from main speaker.

The UNIT-4 can be used with or without its included grill.

On the sustainability front, a large percentage of the AIAIAI UNIT-4 is constructed using plastic components made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and entirely assembled without glue. This construction not only cuts down on the use of virgin plastics, it also benefits in the process of repairs, while upgrading components, or at the end of its life cycle, aid in recycling.

Overhead angled view of AIAIAI UNIT-4 from front grill on, staged on concrete stairs.

Distorted view of UNIT-4 studio monitors viewed from the bottom up, emphasizing the speaker's midrange and tweeters. A subtle AIAIAI logo is visible in the lower portion slightly shadowed.

The AIAIAI UNIT-4 is available for $800 a pair.

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