Bang & Olufsen Places Premium Sound on a Pedestal With Beolab 8

Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 50 are significantly proportioned floor standing speakers impressively capable of revealing nuances and previously unperceived elements of songs you’ve listened to hundreds of times before. The more svelte and cylindrical, but architecturally sculptural Beogram 28 performs with similar abilities in smaller spaces, and is equipped with a dramatic curtain movement that adjusts the speaker’s beam output. Now combine those two iconic Beolab models, shrink it down to proportions similar to the Sonos Era 100, and you’ve got something resembling the new Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8, an elegantly crafted compact Bluetooth speaker set designed to operate solo or in stereo pairs.

Close up of the upper half of the slatted wood cover of the Beolab 8 wireless speaker, showing its black glass touch control interface.

It’s not immediately apparent upon glancing at the cropped and close-up images of the Beolab 8 speakers how remarkably small the new addition to the premium Beolab family are. Bang & Olufsen emphasize the Beolab’s size empowers its adaptable flexibility; they can be installed onto walls, set upon floors, secured onto ceilings, or enjoyed out of the box set upon any flat surface.

Side view of the pill-like shape of the slatted wood cover lower half of the Beolab 8 wireless speakers.

In many ways the Beolab 8 could be perceived as Sonos as interpreted by Bang & Olufsen, sharing a few attributes and features beyond its compact dimensions. This includes environmental sound mapping to tweak performance according to the dimensions and contents of the room the unit is placed within, alongside a simplified touch interface (though we suspect just like Sonos, users will opt to interact with their Beolab via mobile app).

Aluminum and wood slat covered Beolab 8 speaker set upon the floor near a reflective aluminum wall surface. Reflection is blurry.

Available with Bang & Olufsen’s signature wooden lamellas or with a fabric front wrapped around a halved pill aluminum body, the speaker resembles a Grecian urn filtered through a Danish modern eye.

Close up of the upper half of the slatted wood cover of the Beolab 8 wireless speakers.

Get beyond the Beolab 8’s striking good looks and you’ll come to appreciate the three-driver setup consisting of a 16mm tweeter, a 3” midrange, and a 5.25” woofer that sounds particularly impressive when performing in pairs.

Like its taller counterpart the Beolab 28, the Beolab 8’s audio beam width can be adjusted to provide an intimate narrow sound or stretched out wide to embrace an entire room (minus the cool open/close slat curtain effect).

Three sets of slat wood covers removed from the Beolab 8, with one aluminum speaker base placed nearby showcasing its one-piece aluminum base design and speaker.

Bottom half the Beolab 8 and its aluminum one piece design alongside its circular metal pedestal base.

The Danish audio brand continues their eco-minded efforts by engineering the Beolab 8 as an upgradeable and repairable modular platform. Both exterior parts and interior components are designed to be upgraded as desired or when newer technologies dictate.

Two Beolab 8 speakers shown with one iPhone, illustrating the speaker's stereo mode features.

What’s better than one Beolab 8? Two in stereo mode, of course. When paired in stereo mode, and set up using an Apple iPhone, Beolab 8 users can access an additional feature – Fluid Sweet Spot – activating motion tracking spatial audio that actively moves according to where the listener (and their iPhone) are within a room. The effect is akin to the Apple AirPods Max headphone’s spatial audio effect, sans the headphones themselves.

A pair of Beolab 8 speakers in gold, set on matching gold stands in a darkened set room.

A pair of Beolab 8 speakers with wood slat covers, one facing toward the viewer, the second with its rear speaker stands on display.

The Beolab 8’s one-piece aluminum body is crafted in Bang & Olufsen’s storied Factory 5 facility in Struer, Denmark, exhibiting the same degree of uncompromising fit and finish as its larger counterparts.

Single Beolab 8 speakers with wood slat covers set on wood console surface with the hint of a houseplant and curtains in the background. Photo has light leaks of orange light coming from the left.

Single Beolab 8 speaker with fabric cloth cover in black set across wood console. Two hardcover books are stacked to the right with a small sculptural paperweight on top, and white curtains in the background.

The Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8 is currently available for pre-orders, and will be available in-store starting from 30th October in Natural Aluminum, Gold Tone, Black Anthracite, or with a Grey Melange cover for $5,498.

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