Cobra Studios’ Decor Thrives on Surprise + Charisma

Architect Kenny Decommer and scenographic designer Hugues Delaunay have otherwise been known as Cobra Studios since 2020. The Brussels-based duo work together to bring creative, sculptural furniture pieces and interiors that overflow with color, material, form, and texture to life. The studio recently launched a series of chairs, tables, lamps, sofas, and curtains. Initially designed for a specific space in the Art Deco SHELL building near Brussels Central Station, the collection can be combined with other pieces previously released by Cobra Studios for an inimitable aesthetic.

acrylic and upholstery modern chair

Cobra Studios’ manufacturing process for the series includes reusing and recycling materials and objects – including leftover resin stock – to bring these new pieces into the world. The original elements of the Art Deco SHELL building include travertine, marble, and concrete and have been combined with latex, clay, stainless steel, foam, resin, velvet, and aluminum. The end result is a surprising, charismatic, and chic visual experience that retains an air of fun.

aluminum modern chair with green seat

mirrored round table

dark blue and pink round cylinders

abstract shaped dining table with three legs

modern lighting with marble base and orange "shade"

modern lighting with marble base and green "shade"

modern lighting with marble base and teal "shade"

tall and narrow modern lighting with marble base

To learn more about Cobra Studio’s furniture and lighting, visit

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