Experience the Future of Upgradeable Appliances With Signature Kitchen Suite

It barely warrants mentioning that upgrading the kitchen often ranks high on every homeowner’s wishlist. In reality, when the day arrives, the task is often daunting and stressful. That’s because everyone wants to make the right choices – picking the best appliances to fit our everyday needs today, and also hopefully for many years to come. It can be a lot of pressure when you’re weighing options about buying big ticket items such as a new range, refrigerator, multi-cooker, or other large kitchen appliance. You’re essentially committing to a long-term relationship with those specifications and features attached to your eventual choices. Like we said, stressful.

Luxury kitchen appliance maker Signature Kitchen Suite wants to change the narrative with the announcement of ThinQ UP, an additional set of features expanding LG ThinQ powered appliances to evolve according to users’ lifestyles, all easily downloadable from the LG ThinQ app.

Woman holding tablet updating her SKS ThinQ UP refrigerator using app.

With ThinQ, you can control and monitor your Signature Kitchen Suite appliances right from your smartphone or any other ThinQ-enabled device.

So, how does ThinQ UP future-proof the kitchen? It all starts with ThinQ, a platform which provides a simple way to monitor, control, care, and customize, allowing for easy upgrades and enhancements over the span of the appliance’s lifetime. This means as time passes, you won’t have to replace your entire appliance to gain access to new features as they emerge.

Two screen shots of the ThinQ UP app interface, first showing software upgrade screen, the second options and controls for the 48-inch French Door Refrigerator.

An important byproduct of this platform’s upgradability is a more sustainable life cycle. With ThinQ UP, the brand is prioritizing reducing waste by minimizing the need for complete appliance replacements and establishing a more environmentally-friendly approach to appliance ownership, extending ownership and, in turn, reducing electronic waste.

But it’s not just about future upgrades. ThinQ-paired appliances are designed to serve your needs in purposeful ways within the kitchen in a myriad of ways today, boasting extensive connectivity and smart capabilities, and integrating seamlessly with a greater smart home ecosystem. The ThinQ platform is designed around the ability to control and monitor compatible appliances from anywhere using a smartphone, or with voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You haven’t experienced “the future is now” convenience until you’ve commanded your dishwasher to start from another room.

Side by side screen shots of the ThinQ app showing how to control the entire ecosystem of SKS and LG appliances, alongside an Energy Usage tracker screen.

The ThinQ ecosystem extends into nearly every part of the home, including the living room, office, and even the laundry room, thanks to its integration throughout Signature Kitchen Suite and LG’s product lines.

Imagine being able to check whether you left the refrigerator door open while at the grocery store, see if the dishwasher is finished running, or be notified when it’s time for your water filter to be replaced. For those who enjoy wine regularly, picture storing and keeping inventory of your favorite vintages within a connected wine cellar with its very own label scanner. Over time it can not only learn what you like to drink, but can even recommend new wines, like a personalized digital sommelier.

Woman leaning to turn dial of sous vide range controls in contemporary styled kitchen with green cabinetry and yellow leaf pattern wallpaper.

The SKS oven and range hood can be connected to automatically turn on, adjusting ventilation settings to keep the interior air clear and smells to a minimum.

You can also use the ThinQ app to keep track of your groceries. The Signature Kitchen Suite refrigerator not only keeps food fresh, but the ThinQ app can suggest recipes based on what ingredients you have using ThinQ Recipe. LG’s Scan to Cook feature can supplement over 10,000 one-click shoppable recipes.

SKS ThinQ UP 48-inch dual door refrigerator shown with both top doors open revealing food contents within.

And who hasn’t been stumped about what to make for dinner? ThinQ’s LG Original Series recipe collection solves meal time indecision with a digital cookbook of delectable dishes developed by SKS’ own Executive Chef Nick Ritchie to add to your cooking repertoire. Learning a new recipe can be daunting, so each recipe is accompanied with a how-to video to stream to your mobile device and help along the way, from preparation to plating your restaurant-quality meal at home.

If you have a Signature Kitchen Suite oven, there is even less guesswork involved while cooking – the appliances actively adjust settings according to the recipe and ingredients, ensuring perfect results every time. With ThinQ appliances, it’s like having your own personal assistant in the kitchen, guiding you through culinary adventures, continually adapting to what, when, and how you like to cook.

Signature Kitchen Suite 48-inch dual fuel range shown with hood with wood cabinetry and marble pattern tile backsplash.

These are all real world features available today, thanks to ThinQ. Each feature has been thoughtfully conceived to take out the guesswork and give you peace of mind… even when you’re away from home. It’s all made possible by ThinQ’s connectivity technology, weaving Signature Kitchen Suite appliances and other compatible devices into a fully connected ecosystem, where appliances collaborate into a seamless user experience.

Woman holding up tablet using SKS ThinQ app to change wine cooler's lighting.

Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the option to scan wine labels to keep track of their collection within the connected wine cellar from the ThinQ app. And to help find new favorites, the app also offers aggregated ratings and reviews, and can even recommend new wines based upon user preferences and searches.

More features alone do not define a luxury experience, something Signature Kitchen Suite emphasizes through its curated and accessible simplicity. Instead of fumbling through a confusing nested menu system, this new generation of appliances allows users to easily adjust settings, receive notifications, and even diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely in a manner we’re already used to navigating daily.

Via ThinQ Care Alerts, ThinQ connected appliances can provide informative data about performance and efficiency with Usage Reports, troubleshoot problems with Smart Diagnosis and Trusted Advice features, and even summon expert help via an integrated Concierge Service – all to your mobile device.

Overall, Signature Kitchen Suite attracts plenty of attention with its combination of luxurious design and category leading features. But what you may come to appreciate most with the brand’s ThinQ technology powered appliances is the seamless convenience and connectivity they add to the overall smart home environment. With remote control and monitoring capabilities used in harmony with other ThinQ smart home devices, Signature Kitchen Suite has designed a solution for keeping up with rapid advancements in technology, ensuring your smart home remains intelligently aware of your personal preferences and needs for years to come. To learn more about Signature Kitchen Suite’s products with ThinQ technology and to see how they can fit into your lifestyle, visit www.signaturekitchensuite.com.

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