Find out which upscale upholstery and rug makers are partnering for HP Market

HIGH POINT – Custom upholstery maker Nathan Anthony will host Fayette Studio, a custom rug provider, in its showroom during the upcoming High Point Market.

Showing for the first time in High Point, Fayette Studio will present its rugs in a showroom display coordinated with Nathan Anthony furniture.

The Fayette Studio collections feature flatweaves, hand-knotted and Moroccan rug styles, crafted from materials like felted wool and alpaca. The company offers an extensive concierge service to guide interior designers through the process of customizing a finished rug.

The two brands are aligned in their positioning at the upper end of the market, while also sharing a focus on customization capabilities within their respective product categories.

The Nathan Anthony showroom can be found in the IHFC building in InterHall, IH-602.

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