Graphic Lovers, Meet the Mater Tile Collection by Patricia Urquiola

The Mater tile collection is a graphic lover’s dream come true. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina, the bold yet organic design is inspired by graphics from the 1950s and the artisanal ceramics of Vietri. Mater, a name derived from “matter,” is a nod to the earth used to create the tile’s neutral base.

“The collection started from the floor of the Mutina meeting room. Massimo and I strongly wanted to reinterpret that handcrafted tile. So we started this empathetic journey, made up of a lot of research and discoveries,” shared Urquiola. “In fact, inside Mater there is technology, experimentation, visual craftsmanship.”

modern bath styled with green tiles

Green Sign

The collection offers a selection of tactile surfaces that bring with them a strong visual impact, with glossy enamel playing a main role. An innovative VOC-free glazing technique is used to apply it that achieves the effect of a pleasant touch and striking color. Once finished, Mater’s geometric, saturated tiles are ready to cover residential and commercial environments – both inside and out.

open interior room styled with royal blue tiled wall and brown tiled floor

Mater is produced in three size formats, 15x60cm, 60×60 cm, and 120×120 cm. Available in a basic version with neutral background in Uni Beige and Uni Moka, the two styles are able to develop into six with the Segno pattern. In Uni Beige it gives rise to the Segno Bianco, Segno Blue, and Segno Terra variants. Using Uni Moka it gives life to Segno Nero, Segno Verde, and Segno Ocra. The double finish and range of colors of the Mater collection gives you plenty of room to experiment, until you get the combination just right.

interior space styled entirely with terracotta tiled walls and flooring with dining table and chair

open interior room styled with beige walls and black tiled floor

open interior room with stairway styled with beige and white tiled walls and beige tiled floor

selection of terracotta, blue, and white geometric tiles

selection of green, black, and brown geometric tiles

geometric royal blue and beige tiled floor

Blue Sign

geometric dark green and beige tiled floor

Green Sign

geometric terracotta and beige tiled floor

Earth SIgn

geometric black and beige tiled floor

Black Mark

geometric white and beige tiled floor with a pair of white square-toed shoes

White Sign

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