Helpful or delightful distraction? Home décor pros share their favorite apps

We recently asked the home décor industry what phone app they used the most. Here’s what they had to say:

Alyssa Abrams Zimerman

Lately I’ve been using the Zillow app. My husband and I just got married and now we’re onto the next step, buying a house! Can’t wait to decorate with Eichholtz products!” –Alyssa Abrams Zimerman, Marketing Director, U.S., Eichholtz

“Aside from the basics (messaging and email), it would be YouTube. From watching music sessions to TV clips and YouTube influencers to YouTube shorts, there’s a ton of great content on there to keep me entertained.”–Rachel Teebken, Marketing Manager, Pacific Coast Lighting

As we participate in a lot of photoshoots, probably the weather app!” –Carla Regina, CCO, Regina Andrew Detroit

Well, I’m not one of the youths, so I would say Facebook. However, honestly Instagram as well as LinkedIn are close second favorites these days.” –Wendy Reiss, Vice President of Sales and National Accounts, Kas Rugs

Cameron Capel Outlook
Cameron Capel

Hotel Tonight for a last-minute room, and Open Table for restaurants!” –Cameron Capel, President Sales and Marketing, Capel Rugs

Satya Tiwari

I was born in India. So, when I wake up, I look at the newspaper app for the Times of India. It’s the first thing I click on. Many times, I will see U.S. headlines shared in a more fair and balanced way. I follow the sport of cricket and I can keep track of the teams in the Times of India app as well.” –Satya Tiwari, CEO, Surya

Canva is a great way to create engaging content and collaborate with individuals within and outside of your organization. We have found this platform to be essential for all things social media — especially when at market!”–Mary Wilson, Director of Design, Cyan Design

I want to say IG but TikTok is definitely running a close tie.” –Riki Lent, Senior Vice President, Kalco Lighting and Allegri by Kalco Lighting

My phone’s camera app is used daily! I like to take a lot of photos for inspiration.”–Frankie Daniel, Creative Director, Leftbank Art

Austin Craley
Austin Craley

I use…I like to stay on top of sports scores and stories while traveling!  Go Eagles!”–Austin Craley, Vice President of Sales, Loloi


I don’t go anywhere without Waze telling me where to go and Spotify keeping me company while I am going there.”–Dave Adams, Vice President of Marketing, BDI Furniture

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