Kalaty celebrates 45 years with new catalog and collections in LV

LAS VEGAS – Rug company Kalaty is bringing a wealth of new product to the Las Vegas market later this month.

Showroom visitors will be able to view three fashion-forward hand-knotted collections: Celine, a 100% premium hand-spun wool collection of updated-traditional designs; Forte, a chic modern-meets-traditional wool-Silkette collection; and Kosta, an elegant eclectic group in a wool-Silkette blend.

Celine Collection

Stylish “broken” designs and motifs fused with modern fashion colorways elevate the allure of each rug found in this updated-traditional low-pile collection. Hand-knotted using premium hand-spun wool yarns.

Forte Collection

Modern meets traditional in this unique collection where contemporary abstract designs intermingle with traditional elements in border areas, creating an unusual fusion of color and pattern. Hand-knotted using a combination of premium wool and Silkette yarns.

Kosta Collection

Hand-knotted using a combination of premium wool and Silkette yarns, this updated-traditional collection features popular fashion-forward colorways that have broad appeal for both traditionalists and modernists alike. Each rug in the collection is finished with a special process to create a low pile or zero pile.

The company will also debut a number of additions to existing best-selling high-end collections, including:

  • New designs added to the zero-pile hand-spun wool Lyra collection of classic hand-knotted floral motifs.
  • Updates to the hand-knotted Amalfi collection of updated-Oushak inspirations in modern colors.
  • New designs for the licensed Natori Lhasa collection by fashion designer Josie Natori.
  • More tribal and southwestern styles added to the boldly colored flatweave Soumak Chroma collection.
  • New geometric and abstract patterns added to the high-end power-loomed Celeste collection.
  • Additions to the contemporary high-low textural Elara collection.
  • More modern abstract patterns added to the Tibetan-weave Orion collection.
  • Oushak-inspired additions for the softly colored Magnolia collection.
  • Vintage-inspired classic patterns added to the Khotan collection.
  • Energetic contemporary abstract designs added to the Juno collection.
  • Tribal and southwestern additions to the Mojave collection.

Kalaty is also celebrating the company’s 45th anniversary, and in honor of this milestone is publishing a 400-page 45th anniversary-edition catalog.

“We are excited to be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the founding of our company at this winter’s Las Vegas Market, and we will be toasting this impressive milestone each evening during the show along with our market guests,” said Ramin Kalaty, company president. “Mirza Kalaty, our father and founder, established Kalaty Rug Corporation in the USA in 1979. Today we remain a family-owned company and continue to produce our rugs using many of his innovative design, coloring and finishing techniques.”

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