Lesson #2 from Fashion Week: Divine Feminine for 2024

Every year, when Fashion Week kicks off, stores and trends across the world take off — not only in the fashion industry, but in home décor as well. This year, runway trends and home décor trends both support one main theme: self-expression and individuality, with a bit of feminist power. FS, a forecasting and trend company, predicts three trends within that theme for 2024: “quiet luxury,” “divine feminine” and “focus on craft.” FS’s Home & Lifestyle Strategist Aurora Hinz said for the quiet luxury trend, clean and classic forms emphasize the strength of timelessness. “More people adopt a quality over quantity mindset when it comes to purchasing new products.” Soft and nurturing energies are enhanced, leaning into the power of divine feminine, said Hinz. “Vulnerability, intuition and a spiritual sense of grace flourishes perceptions of femininity in delicate and layered ways.” The focus on craft is achieved through an earthy, grounded look “designed with intention with pastoral elements [that] align with the shift back to tradition and heritage in the home.”

Divine Feminine:

Hinz says FS sees a re-emergence of retro glamour from the ‘60s ‘70s and even ‘80s. “Soft and nurturing energies are enhanced, leaning into the power of the divine feminine. We are considering how we can channel this feminine energy into all aspects of life.” “Textured fabrics and bold patterns will be featured in both fashion and home décor. This includes the use of leather, velvet, faux fur, bouclé, translucent fabrications and crochet,” said Simpson. These materials perfectly express feminine power and channel the feminine energy that FS’ Hinz predicts for 2024.

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