Lightovation will step into the future with new virtual TrendHouse

DALLAS – Lightovation will premiere the first-ever Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse at the show in January, offering a truly immersive 3D innovative experience for the industry.

Lightovation attendees can check out the TrendHouse as an individual 3D virtual walkthrough experience or via the metaverse space experience, where multiple people can join in and explore together as avatars at the same time. Attendees can choose to explore both spaces wearing a virtual reality headset provided by Dallas Market Center, or without one.


“We are continually seeking new ways to provide our buyers and exhibitors with cutting-edge experiences that drive business growth and innovation,” said Cindy Morris, Dallas Market Center president and CEO. “The addition of the Virtual Reality Metaverse TrendHouse to the Lightovation show is a testament to our shared commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled value to the industry.”

Both the virtual walkthrough and the metaverse experiences of the TrendHouse will be virtual representations of a fully furnished and curated home, designed to showcase the latest trends in lighting, home décor and technology that reflect the 2024 Lightovation Trend Report, curated by global trend forecaster Patti Carpenter.

Visitors will able to visualize and experience the trends in a lifelike environment, providing invaluable insights and inspiration for their own design projects. The highlighted lighting products will be presented with details about each product, QR codes that can be scanned for additional information and for an augmented reality capability.

In addition to the experiences available at Lightovation, anyone can visit the dedicated link on Dallas Market Center’s website to enjoy both experiences.

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating on this project with the Lightovation tradeshow and to be working with designer and rendering artist,Leslie Carothers: Annilee Waterman,” said Leslie Carothers, principal at Savour Partnership. “She will be rendering both the virtual walkthrough space and the metaverse space along with celebrity interior designer, Shay Geyer, owner of retailer IBB Design Fine Furnishings, who will be selecting the highlighted lighting fixtures to be presented in the TrendHouse.”

In addition to the Lightovation VR TrendHouse, the January show will include the debut of hundreds of new lighting collections, the grand opening of new and expanded lighting showrooms, the return of the Interior Designer Preview Day, and the participation of influencers in the Style Eyes program.

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