Look what we found! Editor’s picks from Ambiente

FRANKFURT – Germany’s Ambiente fair stretches the distance of 53 soccer fields, filling 12 multi-floor halls connected by people movers like those you encounter in airports. There were roughly 5,000 exhibitors at this year’s event, which means there was an awful lot to see. How do you pick the best products? You can’t. But there are a few that stood out and earned HAT tags for either their clever design, use of new or innovative materials, or unique point of view. Here’s what we found:

Kinjo silicone glassware

Believe it or not, these “cut” tumblers from Japanese maker Kinjo are made from silicone, not crystal. They are flexible, unbreakable and will not cloud over time. Although their composition is not much different from other silicone products, a unique  production process renders them as clear as a piece of glass or crystal barware. Three styles are available.

Please Wait to be Seated Planet wall lamp

Please Wait to be Seated is a Copenhagen-based furniture company acquired by fellow Danish manufacturer Eva Solo in January. Its series of lamps and pendant lighting includes the new Planet wall lamp, which is meant to resemble a planetary array. Powder-coated steel disks, available in four different color options, magnetically attach to a steel bar, so you can move them around in any way you like. An indirect halogen bulb behind the black disk casts a soft glow on the wall behind, for a play of light and shadow.

Trademark Living recycled bicycle hook sculpture

Fellow Danish company Trademark Living, founded by Jan Thormman (shown here), makes new products out of old things, such as these bicycle parts from India that have been repurposed into a hanging rack (or simple wall sculpture, if you choose).

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