No more guessing. Here’s how DressMyCrib simplifies rug shopping

CHICAGO – E-commerce marketplace DressMyCrib has launched an augmented reality option so consumers can see virtually how rugs and other floor coverings will look in their homes.

“DressMyCrib allows rug designers and retailers to add their rugs to our marketplace for free, while customers can see how their rug will look in their homes thanks to AR and artificial intelligence technologies,” said Giedrius Morkunas, DressMyCrib founder.

“By doing this, buyers can buy confidently, and sellers can sell with more certainty than ever before. We’re truly opening up the world for innovative designers and discerning buyers. Rugs are only a start, as we aim for DressMyCrib to become the first place to choose any home décor item worldwide.”

Morkunas said the technology works when buyers upload images of their room to DressMyCrib’s secure server. Then every rug is automatically converted to augmented reality which allows the buyer to browse available rugs and see how they would look in their homes. Once the buyer has decided on a rug, they can purchase directly from the rug’s seller online.

DressMyCrib adds more than 100 rugs to the marketplace daily, with an aim of creating the world’s largest rug marketplace, according to Morkunas.

The company believes that customers are far less likely to return rugs after having seen them in their homes, which they say minimizes the risk of time-consuming and costly returns for both buyer and seller.

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