Peek behind the scenes of #HubbHouse Nash

HIGH POINT — It might look easy on camera, but a sizable team of professionals are behind the debut of #HubbHouse Nash, a new Tennessee rental destination owned by Lindsay Hubbard, star of Bravo TV’s Summer House series.

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In January, Hubbard announced on her Instagram feed that she had purchased the home in Nashville and that it would be available for rent in March, a post that captured nearly 77,000 likes from the Summer House star’s online followers. Following the announcement, Hubbard began work on furnishing the home in time for its rental debut, and she enlisted the help of two North Carolina companies — Furnitureland South and Somerled Designs — to help.

“We had a connection with Lindsay, and she had us work with Somerled for a fairly quick turnaround using stock product we had from Four Hands, Bernhardt and other brands,” Furnitureland South officials said, adding that Somerled Designs’ niche is to “research the rental market and rates, then work with the owner to do compelling designs to maximize revenue.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Lindsay on this exciting project, and we were honored to have been a part of bringing her vision to life,” said Jeff Harris, CEO and president of Furnitureland South. “Lindsay’s enthusiasm was contagious as she worked with our team to express her style and personality in the design of her new space. It definitely combines chic elegance and a cozy charm that anyone would be able to enjoy in Nashville.”

On the design plan, the Somerled Designs team said that Hubbard’s high-profile project incorporates many of the company’s best practices for vacation rentals.

“At Somerled Designs, we design primarily for short-term rental (STR) properties,” said Jordan McDonough, co-founder and creative director. “Our strategy is very different than residential design firms as we design with the market, location and ideal guest in mind. Before we start the design process, our team conducts extensive market research and data analysis into the location, competitors and guest’s preferences when booking in a specific market.

“Once we have determined this essential information, we create a unique design based on our research. Our final deliverable captures a design aesthetic and style that will produce higher revenue, attract more bookings, and stand out in competitive markets.”

After meeting with Hubbard and discussing the market research and strategy, the Somerled team and Hubbard agreed on a “Luxe Cowgirl” design aesthetic. Noting that the design style is not “overly feminine but instead incorporates rustic and masculine flares that nod to Nashville’s rugged charm,” the Somerled team explained that the aesthetic is “androgynous” and does not exclude any potential group traveling to Nashville.

“Instead, it creates a universal welcoming atmosphere,” McDonough said. “It is elevated, mature and luxurious with pops of eye-catching additions to create a unique and interesting design. Not only does this design capture the local inspiration of Music City, but it also has Lindsay’s personal touch and style and a nod to her most iconic moments from Summer House.”

As a short-term rental property, HubbHouse Nash has been furnished with a focus on durability and longevity, McDonough said. Upholstery items — including sofas, chairs and sectionals — were covered with performance fabrics for cleanability. Rug materials include wool, polyester or polypropylene as the primary material to support stain resistance and cleanability. And for eating areas, the team avoided upholstery for chairs or stools and opted instead for wood, metal or faux leather.

“Furnitureland South was an amazing company to work with and provided all of the furniture you see in this incredible property,” McDonough said. “When we source products for short-term rental property projects, we pay close attention to vendors that have inventory that is in stock and ready to ship or install. It is essential to have a quick-turnaround time so we can help our client get their property up and running as quickly as possible.”

McDonough added that since its founding in 2022, Somerled Designs has seen growing demand for data-driven design for short-term-rental investors.

“Just within the past year and a half, we have seen more designers emerge into the industry and past designers change their approach to STR design to be more data and investor focused,” she said. “With more designers in the space, it creates healthy competition in the market and encourages us to continually improve and evolve with the ever-changing STR industry. We work on very tight timelines and oftentimes tight budgets, so the biggest challenge that STR designers face when sourcing products is finding vendors that have inventory in stock and ready to ship or install.”

Now that news about HubbHouse Nash is making the social rounds and generating a ready-made audience of potential renters, Somerled is looking ahead to the property’s successful launch.

“Lindsay is the absolute dream client,” McDonough said. “She has been so much fun to work and collaborate with, and her vision for this home was so clear. We have loved creating something that is so meaningful to her and this new chapter in her life. This property is for the luxe cowgirls.

“I also want to emphasize that a successful property does not just start and stop with great design, but continues with the property management. Brandon and Sarah Hall of Hallson Hospitality Co. do a fantastic job taking care of guests and ensuring that everyone who enters the Hubb House will have a wonderful and memorable stay.”

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