Ressence Takes a Graphic Approach With the Type 1° Round M Wristwatch

As an unapologetic admirer of everything watchmaker Ressence does in distinguishing itself within the horological realm (their TYPE 3 model was one of our holiday gift picks), I came to an abrupt pause while doom scrolling when I happened upon the brand’s post announcing a new TYPE 1° Round M – a wristwatch inspired by the “graphic arts.”

Floating render of Ressence TYPE 1° Round M wristwatch.

The titanium case timepiece is realized in a quartet of polychromatic  contrasting rings of red, blue, yellow, and green that almost seems digitally projected. A close up inspection reveals the orbiting dial design with minute details of an object more akin to a paper art print rather than a device of mechanical nature.

Close up detail of the Ressence TYPE 1° Round M wristwatch's orbiting dial mechanism.

The 5 minute video below illustrates how the watch operates and how to tell time using it:

The TYPE 1° Round’s playful design maximizes the brand’s signature water drop, sealed oil and air chamber into a highly legible display with a degree of simplicity bordering on the abstract.

Back view of the Ressence TYPE 1° Round M wristwatch with light gray wristband and a casebook winding mechanism. Back plate is inscribed with "RESSENCE TYPE 1 033"

The watch features a caseback winding mechanism that hides flush in open sight across the top of the Type 1 watch. The self-winding design allows for 36 hours of power reserve, while vibrating 28,800 per hour.

This watch embodies the principle of a functional colour palette, combining soft hues to create a visually pleasing and practical timepiece. With this new piece owners are sure to make a strong and distinctive impression.

– Benoît Mintiens, Ressence Founder

Front facing view of Ressence TYPE 1° Round M wristwatch.

Man's wrist adorned with colorful Ressence wristwatch.

The CHF 16,800.00 price tag converts to just past the hour of $19,000 USD, meaning only the most well-heeled creative directors out there will be able to fathom becoming the owner of Ressence’s canvas of color, the TYPE 1° Round M.

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