Step into the Woodlands with this new collection from Kravet

WOODBURY, N.Y. – Home furnishings resource Kravet welcomes a new 40-piece collection from global design brand Andrew Martin in collaboration with British designer Sophie Paterson.

Called the Woodland Collection, the new offering takes inspiration from the natural world around us, according to the company, from the changing seasons to the English countryside. The goal of the new collection is to bring a small but true sense of nature’s textures, forms, and beauty into the home.

“I’m very excited about the Woodland collection as it’s a subject close to my heart. We’ve carefully created a luxurious selection of beautiful weaves and prints that are understated and easy to use,” said David Harris, Andrew Martin design director. “By sourcing natural cloths and yarns across the range from expert weavers, spinners, printers and dyers, Woodland has a really organic feel, meaning you can bring elements of the wild outdoors straight into your home.”

Printed in the UK, the natural fabric yarns are created using environmentally friendly weaving and printing techniques, according to Harris.

The collection features:

  • Noble Oak: A beautiful and simple line drawing of an oak leaf drawn by Paterson.
  • Finch: Resembling the fine little footprints that a bird might leave behind when hopping on the damp and shady woodland floor.
  • Nest: An intricate pattern which pays homage to the unrivalled homemaking and weaving skills that these little birds have.
  • Bark: A fine geometric line drawing on linen reminiscent of the amazing wood grain and patterns of bark from all the beautiful trees that grow around us.
  • Wildcat: A leopard-inspired weave from the same family as other popular designs in previous Andrew Martin x Sophie Paterson collections – namely Monte and Burlington.

Available in five different colorways of subtle greens, blues, and autumnal hues, each print is contrasted with textured weaves inspired by the sights and sounds of the woodlands.

“This collection was inspired by the British countryside, from the bolder print of noble oak leaf to the delicate geometric of bark,” Paterson said.  I love using smaller prints in my projects and this collection is so versatile, working beautifully on cushions to curtains and upholstery. It has an earthy rustic feel with a soft feel. We have expanded the color palette to cover not only the neutrals but also to add a beautiful moss green, a duck egg blue as well as tan.”

In homage to the UK’s rich and diverse woodlands, Andrew Martin will plant a tree for every cushion or fabric order placed from this collection in collaboration with Rewards Earth.

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