The 2022 World Design Rankings (WDR) by the A’ Design Award

The 2022 World Design Rankings (WDR) organized by the A’ Design Award and Competition have been released! The rankings didn’t change very much compared to last year. Once again, China took the #1 spot among the 114 countries represented. The following spots (USA, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Taiwan, and Germany) also remained unchanged but Portugal pulled in to round out the top 10.

top 10 countries world design rankings

The World Design Rankings show how the global design community fares amongst different countries and is put together by the A’ Design Award & Competition, a prestigious contest that provides emerging and independent designers a chance to showcase their designs on a world stage. Whether you have a concept, prototype, or completed project, there are over 100 categories that you can enter your design under, and the preliminary score you receive after submitting your design gives you an idea of how your project will do within the competition, which is juried by an international jury panel of design academics, professions, and press members.

To learn more about the A’ Design Award and Competition and how to represent your country, visit and register here. Need some inspiration to get your submission started? Here are 10 of our favorite designs from last year’s competition:

white candle holder

Tulip Candlestick by Peiyao Cheng

wooden balance bike

Choppy Wooden Balance Bike for Kids by Aldis Blicsons

glass vases

Leaf Tall Vase by Pierre Foulonneau

geometric hanging chair

Iko Hanging Chair by Ivo Andric

arc cat scratchers

Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher by Gloguu

house pet bed

Pudu Pet House by Gabriel Antunes Henke Carrano

Mondrian ring

Pete Mondrian Utopia Ring by Sanaz Ghafari

color block scarves

Shapes of Light Decorative Scarf by Xiaoxi Zhang

table lamp and pendant lamp

Tara Lamp by Tara Derakhshanfar

cubes lamp

Cubes Lighting by Monica Pinto de Almeida

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