The Avro Pendant Lamp Powers up Your Electronics

It’s a common circumstance in which many of us have found ourselves from time to time. It’s that annoying moment when our phone pings us that it’s on 10% battery or our laptop screen went black because we kept ignoring the alerts – only for us to look around and discover that there are no sockets available nearby. It’s in this moment that the Avro Pendant Lamp really shines. Designed by Studio Natural for Martinelli Luce, the luminaire has a hidden feature: the lower part of its shade conceals a socket, allowing you to power your devices right at the table.

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white pendant lamp powering a laptop

white, orange and blue pendant lamps over dining table

orange and blue pendant lamps over dining table

Available in four different colors (orange, light blue, white, and black), the Avro turns any dining table into a workspace. No longer would you need to find a vacant outlet or ensure your cords are long enough to reach the wall. By plugging in a multi-socket, you can power up a whole team’s worth of devices.

red pendant lamp close up

red pendant lamp close up

white pendant lamp

orange pendant lamp

black pendant lamp

light blue pendant lamp

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