The Revitalization of Arne Vodder’s AV Egoist Chaise Lounge

The rare AV Egoist chaise lounge, designed in the early 1950s by Danish architect Arne Vodder, has been launched into a second, more widely available, life. A favorite of Arne’s, only a few were originally made, much to the chagrin of design lovers. Thankfully, Danish manufacturer Sibast Furniture, along with Arne’s son Michael Vodder, have brought it back.

“I remember my father’s keen interest in this type of chair and how proud he was of the chaise lounge. After striking out on my own, I’ve always dreamt of having this specific chair in my home,” explains Michael. “It was one of the most iconic pieces of furniture my father ever designed, and, in my opinion, its style is still fresh and up-to-date.” He believes it to be his father’s signature piece of work.

woven black leather chaise lounge with pillow in styled space

Ditley Sibast, CEO, co-owner, and fourth generation at Sibast Furniture, came across a model of the original chaise lounge on an auction site. After some research he discovered Arne’s design archives had been left in Michael’s care. There they found old drawings, measurements, and a few photos to go off of. From these fragments they were able to successfully recreate a dimensionally accurate model of the AV Egoist chaise lounge.

woven brown leather chaise lounge with pillow in styled space

The chaise lounge’s design is organic and powerful, radiating comfort and personality. Its reclining seat is made of an organically-shaped walnut or FSC-certified oak wood frame, then upholstered with a latticework of woven shoulder leather. Just looking at it you know you’re going to enjoy sitting or reclining in its embrace.

Choose from soap, white oil, natural oil, dark oil, and smoked finishes, and leather from Sørensen Læder in black, brandy, and nature. An optional cushion to rest your head makes it an ideal place to catch a few winks. You may also want to include an integrated side table, made of a brass bracket and wooden tray, also available in solid oak or walnut, that adds enough space for a glass, a tablet, or a book.

woven black leather chaise lounge with pillow in styled living space

“The chaise lounge fits in perfectly with our collection due to its high artisanal quality and its beautiful, timeless design. Its unique appearance and classical elegance engage in perfect dialogue with the rest of the designs in our range of furniture by designers including Helge Sibast, Piet Hein, and Arne Vodder,” explains Sibast.

detail of woven black leather chaise lounge

detail of woven black leather chaise lounge

detail of woven brown leather chaise lounge

woven black leather chaise lounge with pillow on white background

woven brown leather chaise lounge with pillow on white background

AV Egoist chaise lounge is available at authorized Sibast furniture dealers. To learn more, visit

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