Want to be on the cutting edge of tech in Dallas? Visit the Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse

DALLAS —This month’s Lightovation show will feature the first-ever Metaverse Lighting TrendHouse, an immersive 3D experience that highlights lighting trends in a showhouse-like setting.

Lightovation attendees can check out the TrendHouse as an individual 3D virtual walkthrough experience or via the metaverse space experience, where multiple people can join in and explore together as avatars at the same time. Attendees can choose to explore both spaces wearing a virtual reality headset provided by Dallas Market Center, or without one.

In an email interview, Cole Daugherty, DMC’s senior vice president, exhibitor marketing, explained how the unique presentation came to fruition.

“The project was presented by Leslie [Carothers, of Savour Partnership] to DMC and was immediately supported by Cindy [Morris, CEO of DMC] and then our lighting board as an initiative to bring bold inspiration and next generation innovation to the January show,” Daugherty said. “We have all invested in this project not only because AI, VR and the metaverse are hot topics but because their application is already making an impact on business and lifestyle.”

What was it about the Metaverse Trend House concept that appealed to you the most? 

What appealed to us most was how rapidly technology is changing the nature of product design, interior design, and consumer behavior. We hear so many acronyms thrown around in the media but there is a lack of practical examples of their application. So we view the TrendHouse as an educational tool for how to introduce and use technology as well as a new way to inspire retailers and designers.

How do you think it will help the lighting industry? 

The most precious commodities we have are time and relationships. That’s what is so important about the TrendHouse. We have developed an efficient discovery experience available at the show and online where everyone can see trends and see new products in a residential application. A secondary benefit is community — we have united the lighting industry to showcase trends and new products, but the groundbreaking experience is a metaverse version of the TrendHouse where everyone can gather together in real time to interact with each other and experts.

Leslie noted that the Metaverse Trend House is a way to attract the next generation, inspire and educate people by making it fun. Do you agree? What about current generations — do you think they will embrace it? 

The project is a bridge of sorts between brands and buyers, but also across generations. Our lighting exhibitors understand that new technology needs to be presented to all customers in order to remain competitive. The name of the Dallas lighting show was changed to Lightovation in 2016 because exhibitors wanted to emphasize innovation. This is a bold example of delivering innovation to Lightovation.

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