Wendover Art sees continued opportunity to expand

HIGH POINT, N.C. – Wendover Art sees more growth on the horizon and isn’t ruling out another acquisition.

“There is a continued opportunity out there in the market,” said CEO Richard Forsyth. “We have a tremendous platform at Wendover we are looking for companies that want to grow, who understand our eco-system and what we do. We work as a team, and we have a lot of fun doing it.”

Forsyth spoke to Home Accents Today editor Allison Zisko during a Newsdesk interview at the High Point Market.

Wendover Art Group recently acquired Friedman Brothers, a 120-year-old decorative mirror and furniture accessories company based in Miami, Fla. and back in June it acquired Kevin O’Brien Studio, an upscale textile maker. Last year, the company purchased Low Country Originals, a domestic artisanal lighting manufacturer.

The art group also purchased a 12,000 square-foot building in the Dallas Design District last month to house all of its brands and show them off to interior designers.

Wendover Art started in 2007 offering mid-sized art printed on paper and Forsyth said that’s greatly evolved over the past 16 years.

“That has changed according to the breadth, scope, size, scale and medium that we print on,” Forsyth said. “We are bringing a lot of new technologies along with several hundred artists globally who we work with and everything we are doing with Wendover Studio internally and the in-house artisans we have.”

Forsyth said they want art to be a conversation and to expand the aperture of their work.

“Each of the companies that we’ve acquired is a one-on-one,” he added. “They are all very design focused which is important whether you’re selling to designers, high end independent retailers or others.”

The qualities that work for Wendover in a partner company include creating product that is hand crafted, artisanal and domestically made, along with the ability to customize items

Forsyth said they challenged their creative teams to bring a lot of new items to market and they delivered. Wendover’s showroom in High Point is at 309 N. Hamilton St.

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