What’s ahead for Universal Furniture next year? These 3 things

HIGH POINT — When asked what will move the needle for Universal Furniture in 2024, company President Sean O’Connor points to several key factors.

“Our speed to market in support of new introductions is first,” O’Connor told sister publication Furniture Today. “Coastal Living Weekender is now shipping, and we decided to pre-cut our Modern introduction from this fall, so we can better support our partners in 2024.

“Additionally, our special-order upholstery programs out of the Conover, N.C., plant will be in full swing for 2024 and feature the new dining chair and counter stool program, an enhanced special-order bed program and a new build-your-own Modern upholstery and ottoman program.”

Marketing and more for outdoor

Universal is also adding more designs to the Coastal Living outdoor collection later in 2024, the first additions since the company launched the line in 2020.

“Both our business structure and our U.S. facility make us agile when it comes to changing market needs,” O’Connor said. “As a vertically integrated company, we have the strength and breadth of Samson Marketing behind us, giving us access to resources most other companies don’t have. Our domestic manufacturing capabilities allow us to be responsive to market demands, adding programs as needed. This year alone, we’ve added special order dining, bedroom and living room programs out of the Conover plant.”

Along with the product expansions, Universal is supporting retailers and designers with significant marketing assets designed to help its partners tell the stories consumers want to hear as part of their shopping experience.

“We create marketing support to meet the customer where the shopping journey begins: online,” said Neil MacKenzie, senior vice president of marketing. “We have tools available for retailers to support their communication strategy, addressing all mediums and have ramped up short-form video content to help retail partners address this gap within their social media communications.

This fall, we pre-launched all of our October High Point Market introductions on our B2B Storefront allowing customers to pre-order with a credit card,” MacKenzie continued. “We will continue this offering in 2024. We are also continuing to expand our online draping feature with the ability to completely configure our UChoose sofa styles, which allows the customer to truly visualize the offerings available.”

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