What’s hot this winter? Houzz studies key searches to find out

PALO ALTO, Calif. — As the winter season begins, Houzz identified emerging design trends based on the latest search insights from its community of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and remodeling and design professionals.

The trends in the 2023 Houzz U.S. Emerging Winter Trends Report reflect a growing interest among homeowners to break down the barriers between their indoor havens and the beauty of their surroundings.

Other notable trends include creating entertainment-focused gathering spaces, optimizing square footage with cleverly concealed rooms and turning an eye to green color schemes.

Greater connections to the outdoors

Outdoor spaces have been especially important over the past three to four years, and this year’s reports shows homeowners looking for ways to connect with the outdoors from the comfort of their interiors all year long.

Key searches include:

  • bedroom window seats, up 360%
  • living room bay windows, up 134%
  • four-season room, up almost 126%
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Credit: Esslinger Design Co.

Entertainment-focused gathering spaces

Homeowners are looking for ways to join with family and friends during winter gatherings to enjoy films or live sports, to play games and to enjoy snacks.

Key searches include:

  • sectional with coffee table, up 4,608%
  • family room with TV over fireplace, up 339%
  • living room with built-in entertainment, up 253%
  • small home theater, up 106%

Secret or hidden spaces

Cloaked additions to home interiors may combine whimsy with functionality, often adding extra storage and sometimes the element of surprise.

Key searches include:

  • trap doors, up 255%
  • kitchen with hidden pantry, up 148%
  • speakeasy home bar lounge, up 108%
  • kids’ reading nook, up 105%
  • wine bar and cellar under stairs, up 60%

Green color palettes

Green may be considered the color of renewal, and homeowners are looking to incorporate it in various shades throughout the home, ranging from light green for kitchen cabinets to dark green for the home’s exterior.

Searches for light green kitchen cabinets, sage green walls, teal living room, dark green exterior, green bathroom tile and pewter green have all increased compared with the same period in 2022.

The data in this year’s report reflects year-over-year growth in U.S.-based searches on Houzz January through September 2023 vs. the same period in 2022.

Read the complete report here.

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