With an eye to luxury, Kaleen changes its product focus

DALTON, Ga. – Starting this fall, rug company Kaleen will be focusing on four key segments including customization, carpets/broadloom, the Luxe collection and handmade soft flooring goods.

The new focus, which is set to launch in tandem with the upcoming High Point Market in October, centers on the more than 26-year-old company’s better-and best-tiered product qualities and its expertise in carpet customization.

“As our product qualities and styles have elevated, so has our brand,” said Monty Rathi, Kaleen chief operating officer. “Our customer is rapidly shifting to a more discerning clientele with a penchant for fashion-forward design in artisan-crafted qualities and custom-made styles.”

Rathi said that Kaleen has made several investments in these four target categories of goods and services, in anticipation of this evolution.

Among these are an expanded production team; state-of-the-art machinery; broader capabilities for customizing carpets and rugs; upgrades to the Kaleen website, which include more user-friendly features and a faster checkout; an expanded breadth of best-in-class products; and a deeper dive into large-scale custom-curated projects.

“We’re building on our biggest successes and tapping emerging opportunities with retailers, designers, hospitality clients and end-consumers with the goal to, ultimately, fuel even greater growth for our entire business,” Rathi added.

The upcoming new focus has also paved the way for the company to service hospitality, residential and commercial projects for high-end properties and projects.

“Today, we are well-equipped to quickly and adeptly seize on niche market shares,” said Rathi.

To accommodate this new business model, the company is actively phasing out its machine-made area programs from its operations and product offerings.

Kaleen is headquartered in Jaipur, India, where it has three manufacturing units along with a U.S.-based office and distribution center in Dalton, Ga.

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