Note Design Studio Presents Dynamic Wekino With Collection

Wekino’s visual stylings give viewers a hit of dopamine delivered by eight new products from seven dynamic names in contemporary Korean craft carefully composed by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio in a collection called Wekino With. The South Korean brand brought its home furnishings to market in Sweden for the first time with a brilliant debut at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. Color, material, and form harmonized in a symphony of innovation layered with aesthetics to create a sense of immersion and emotional resonance for those walking the fair.

A long exhibit with a series of unique home furnishings on display.

A stack of blue magazines with one titled "Wekino" on top, next to other printed materials.

“Drawing from the concept of ‘rollout,’ we envisioned our stand as a dynamic space where each product and designer could shine individually yet harmoniously,” shares Note Design Studio. Pieces were highlighted by striking, semi-transparent electric-green panels set against floor-to-ceiling brown craft paper that adorned the booth’s backdrop. And each part of the exhibit was easily assembled and disassembled in a commitment to versatility, accessibility, and material reuse. Having generated excitement and built up great anticipation, the melody echoes still.

As the bridge serves to connect a verse to the song’s chorus, so too does Wekino With become a device for independent Korean designers to connect to a global market elevating what is expected of mass-produced goods. “This shift is poised to positively influence the trajectory of Korean design, transcending mere brand significance,” shares Wekino. “By demonstrating the capabilities of Korean design on an international stage, we believe our presence at the fair has not only contributed to the evolution of Korean design but also challenged conventional notions of Swedish design.”

Trade show booth with the Wekino logo displayed over green partitions.

Wekino With draws from the juxtaposition of traditional and modern architecture in the bustling metropolis of Seoul, informing the fusion of vibrant textile design with unlikely forms that blur the line between form and function, utility and art. Objects like Bookworm fulfill a specific need while offering the possibility as a standalone object, in some ways arguing in favor of art’s functionality. Pieces like the Billow Lounge Chair and the Chroma mirror appear different at first glance, yet both share a bold use of shape and texture blending individual uniqueness and a shared modern aesthetic to produce a lively, cohesive collection.

“The common thread between Swedish and Korean craft lies in their shared values of precision, simplicity, and respect for tradition,” continues Note Design Studio. “Both emphasize functionality, clean lines, and natural materials, showcasing a blend of tradition and modernity. Whether it’s Swedish minimalism or Korean elegance, both traditions prioritize craftsmanship and quality, resulting in timeless and beautiful creations.”

Exhibition stall with Wekino furniture displays at a trade fair.

WEKINO is a Korean lifestyle brand that imbues their home furnishings with the dynamism of Seoul, South Korea. The designers behind their products consider the way form, space, and color can impact daily life to propose objects perfect for personal curation. The Billow Lounge takes cues from the clouds. With its dense cushions, curvaceous upholstery, and thin, linear structure, this chair appears to float through space as it rests atop its base.

A chair on display.

Two chairs in a living room.

A chair in a living room.

A chair in a living room.

Two people sitting on a bench.

Wekino design team

Possibility, essential, standpoint, and interpretation. These are the things that define Studio PESI. This industrial design studio, founded by Byounghwi Jeon in 2015, aims to create emotive experiences with his works through simplicity, functionality, and rationality. The Stout Collection comprises dining chairs and armchairs constructed from powder-coated tubular steel. The curved components strike a delightful balance between materiality and form.

A table and chairs on display.

A table and chairs on display.

A chair on display.

A chair on display.

A chair on display.

A gentleman standing in front of chairs.

Byounghwi Jeon of Studio PESI

Helmed by Kunsik Choi, his eponymous studio tackles furniture, objects, and spacemaking. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, the maker explores the power and intimacy of handmade design with works that toe the line of art and design. The Salong Table is created with the motif of the “Sculptor’s Atelier” with the intention of making a home in public or private spaces. The octagonal wooden legs provide a visual weight and stability that makes it feel ideal for a variety of functions.

A table and chairs on display at an exhibition.

A table and chairs on display at an exhibition.

Two geometric table legs on display at an exhibition.

Two geometric table legs

Two geometric table legs

A gentleman sitting at a work table in a shop.

Kunsik Choi of Studio Kunsik

Living and working out of Seoul, designer Kwangho Lee elevates everyday objects to a place where ordinary things spark joy. And in some cases, discovers new ways that materials can come together in the name of fun. Pirouette is based on a prototype Lee crafted in partnership with Phaidon Press. It is now reimagined as a shelving collection for Wekino in two- and three-tier options. As its name suggests, this shelving unit is flexible and multifunctional.

Geometric shelving with books and art objects on display.

Geometric shelving with books and art objects on display.

Geometric shelving with books and art objects on display.

Detail of geometric shelving with books

Geometric Shelving with books.

A young man with glasses sitting at his desk.

Kwangho Lee

KUO DUO is a studio formed by Kwachan Lee and Yoomin Maeng who work in exciting three-dimensional designs for furniture, products, and installations. From experimental one-off projects to the mass-produced, the duo delivers expressive creations that expand adventure wherever they land. The Reel Hanger is a coat rack with an aluminum body and sand-casted surface celebrating the tactility or something often overlooked. Book Worm is a fluid, organic line whose shape allows for both utility and sculpture.

Exhibition display of a creative studio.

Exhibition hall with modern furniture display and informational placards.

A modern wooden shelving unit with circular elements and a sculptural aqua-colored object on one of its shelves.

Person hanging a sculptural black hook on a wall next to similar green hooks.

A blue flexible object placed under a wooden table.

Two individuals sitting side by side with crossed legs in a room with shelves and colorful wall accents.

Hwachan Lee and Yoomin Maeng of KUO DUO

Established by Kyuhyung Cho and Jungyou Choi in 2018, the pair travels between South Korea and Europe as they work in the fields of graphic, product, furniture, and spatial design. Their works speak a unique visual language bridging tradition with modernity. The Oddly rug is inspired by a Joseon-era painting that emulates amorphous rock shapes. It boasts a three-dimensional pile in its sweeping curves, cool color combinations, and irregular patterns.

An exhibition space featuring a rolled-up rug with a unique design alongside a standing green informational panel and a sculptural object that echoes the rug's pattern.

The Oddly rug by Studio Word showcased at Wekino’s exhibit in the 2024 Stockholm Furniture Fair as designed by Note Studio

An exhibition space featuring a rolled-up rug with a unique design alongside a standing green informational panel and a sculptural object that echoes the rug's pattern.

A modern rug with puzzle piece designs hangs over a balcony in an urban setting.

The richly tactile Oddly rug.

Two individuals in a room with a wooden bench by the window.

Kyuhyung Cho and Jungyou Choi of Studio Word

Cha Shin-sil leads the Seoul-based design practice Studio-Chacha working in fine art and furniture with a focus on combining familiar materials in unfamiliar ways. The creative is currently discovering new material properties unlocked through an exploration of gradient and transparency. Chroma is both an art object and functional mirror. Inspired by a patchwork of wrapping cloth, this piece fuses traditional Korean craftwork with contemporary execution and sensibility in search of the exciting.

Modern exhibition space with a green backdrop, minimalist furniture, Wekino informational wall text.

Modern exhibition space with a green backdrop, minimalist furniture, Wekino informational wall text.

Abstract mirror installation featuring green panels with circular cutouts and metallic spheres.

Green rectangular panel with circular cutouts, reflected on a glossy surface.

A modern room with transparent, colorful Wekino acrylic furniture and chromatic wall mirrors.

Woman in a black shirt sitting at a colorful, reflective Wekino table in a modern space.

Cha Shin-sil of Studio-Chacha

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Photography curtesy of Grand Relations.

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