TIPTOE’s Unit System: Your Ticket to Tip-Top Home Organization

One of the greatest challenges of buying furniture for the home is finding something future-proof against changing needs and preferences. Families grow, collections expand, and styles evolve. So how does one make sure their furniture can grow and adapt with them? The answer lies in the UNIT Shelving System by Parisian design studio and B Corp, TIPTOE. This modular system made up of steel frames and FSC-certified natural oak shelves is minimal and timeless, ensuring its longevity as far as design trends go. With five available heights, a variety of modules, and the choice of Cream White or Graphite Black, the system can be scaled to maximize or downsize your storage solution.

modular shelving system with wood doors

UNIT can be outfitted with shelves, drawers, door cabinets, and desk tabletops. Assembly is quick, easy, and intuitive thanks to is a minimal amount of components. The shelves can be simply clipped onto the frame, eliminating the need for numerous screws.

tv stand with wooden doors in a living room

The steel frames are highly streamlined, less one distinct but subtle detail, with the pins found on the sides of the frames. This particular feature indicates the correct placements of the shelves to ensure UNIT’s stability.

wooden dresser next to a bed

Because of UNIT’s stability and variety of modules, there are near infinite ways to configure the system. A behind-the-sofa table, a dresser for clothes, an entry table, a living room console, a filing cabinet, a desk for small spaces, a display case, and a wall-to-wall bookshelf are just a few ways you can integrate UNIT into your space, whether that’s a home, office, or storefront.

lamp glowing on a console table between two windows

long sofa table behind a sofa in a living room

entry rack next door a doorway

tall shelf between two windows

storage shelf with gardening supplies on it

modular shelving systems in an office

modular shelving systems in an office

long sofa table behind a sofa in a living room

display shelves inside a store

shelf next to a white table and black chairs

office with long storage shelves connected to desks

tall shelves with integrated desk

hands holding components of a modular shelving system laid on the ground

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