The Villa Tabebuia Offers Zen-Inspired Tranquility in Bangalore

In the bustling city of Bangalore, India, The Villa Tabebuia stands as a serene, Zen-inspired sanctuary with a contemporary Japanese-style designed by TaP Design Inc. The vision behind Villa Tabebuia was to create a space that exudes tranquility and elegance while maintaining a deep connection with its natural surroundings. Teakwood elements and organic accents adorn the home, seamlessly integrating it with the lush greenery that surrounds the property.

Modern interior featuring a wooden slab table, black chairs, woven room dividers, and a view of a lush garden through floor-to-ceiling windows.

A close collaboration between the client and design studio led to keeping the structure’s existing shell with minimal modifications done to elevate the overall design. The result is a space that feels both luxurious and unassuming, a true escape from daily life. Spread across 15,000 square feet, Villa Tabebuia boasts a thoughtful layout that maximizes space and natural light. Upon entering the foyer, guests are greeted by a cascading bird chandelier that emphasizes the double-height ceiling.

Modern airy lobby with high ceilings, marble floors, large windows, unique balloon-like hanging lights, a wooden dining table, and a cylindrical log bench.

The dining area, with its poolside views, serves as the focal point of the ground floor just past the entryway where a wood and rope screen is used as a soft divider. A wall of windows fills the central interior with natural light while offering uninterrupted sight lines to the outdoors.

Modern dining room with wooden table and chairs, concrete walls, and artistic hanging lights. decor includes a circular mirror and wooden partition.

Modern interior featuring a sleek black staircase with white marble steps, a wooden bench, and artistic wall decor.

The modern staircase was painted matte black, an upgrade from its previous charred orange tone. The black complements many of the surrounding elements in the home, from the window frames to the dining room chairs.

Modern kitchen with sleek beige cabinets, an island, and white pendant lights in a room with concrete walls and marble flooring.

Modern dining room with wooden furniture including a table, chairs, and sideboard. a large abstract painting hangs on the concrete wall, with a vase and decor on the sideboard.

Modern living room with white sofas, wooden chairs, and large windows overlooking a lush garden. neutral tones and minimalistic decor dominate the space.

A woman sits on a couch reading a book, facing large windows that overlook a serene garden with a pond.

Sliding glass doors disappear in the living room allowing the homeowners to feel like they’re laying out by the pool.

Modern living room with a large gray sectional sofa, wooden chairs, floor-to-ceiling windows, sheer curtains, and lush greenery outside.

Luxurious outdoor patio with comfortable seating, a small pond, and lush tropical foliage, featuring large leafy green plants and glass panel walls.

Modern living room with minimalist decor, featuring a gray sofa, wooden furniture, and a red patterned rug. a sculptural mobile hangs above.

Just up the stairs, a family room overlooks the double-height space below. Modular furniture allows for versatility and adaptability, while the bedrooms exude comfort and sophistication. Each room is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of its occupants, whether it be a child’s play area or a calm retreat for guests.

Modern living room with gray sofas, wooden tables, an arch-shaped niche, and pendant lights, featuring large windows and a textured wall.

Modern interior with large, flower-shaped pendant lights and a wooden log bench by tall glass windows, casting soft shadows on a marble floor.

Modern bedroom with a minimalist design featuring a green and black bed, beige walls, abstract wall art, a wooden desk with a chair, and a purple rug.

Layered rugs, soft muted hues, and brass accents create an inviting guest bedroom for those visiting the family.

Modern bathroom with a teal vanity, black marble countertop, and a large mirror on a striped wall, decorated with a vase and branches.

A cozy children's bedroom with a wooden bunk bed, a cloud and raindrop themed wallpaper, and a small play area on a blue rug.

A modern home office with a light blue desk, pink chair, and built-in shelves against a textured white wall, with a wooden floor and a blue rug.

Modern minimalist bedroom with a low platform bed, textured gray walls, elegant thin black floor lamps, and a large window with white curtains.

The neutral primary bedroom suite benefits from the sliding glass wall that connects the room to the adjacent patio. To give the room a more spacious feel, they kept the furniture selection low to the ground with a floating appearance. Opposite the bed, which is anchored to the ceiling with wooden poles, is a lounge area adding to the large 1,000-square-foot suite.

Modern walk-in closet featuring an elegant metal and glass wardrobe with neatly organized clothes and shoes, complemented by a cozy, textured blanket in the foreground.

A modern kitchen corner featuring blue cabinets, a white countertop, and a large arched window with a grid pattern. potted plants and fruit are neatly arranged on the surfaces.

Modern minimalist bedroom with a low bed, beige walls, large window with sheer curtains, a dark chair, and a woven ottoman on a textured rug.

A serene rooftop garden with a wooden bench, lush green plants, and vibrant flowers, surrounded by clear glass balustrades under a clear sky.

Modern two-story house with wooden slats, large windows, and a rectangular pool surrounded by a well-manicured lawn.

The elongated swimming pool can be seen from every room as it spans the full length of the house.

Modern house exterior with lush garden, featuring wooden slat details and large windows, surrounded by tropical plants and a small lawn area.

Lush garden with a pool, framed by trees and plants, featuring a modern seating area under a wooden pergola.

Photography by Ishita Sitwala.
Styling by Samir Wadekar.

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