A bartender on a trapeze? It’s part of a rebrand strategy for Worlds Away

HIGH POINT — When Worlds Away opens its showroom for High Point Market on April 12, founders Bob Berry and Lucy Woodson are planning to kick off what they are describing as “an extraordinary new chapter” with a memorable market event.

Part of the furniture and décor company’s rebrand, the Friday afternoon showroom celebration will include notable moments such as a bartender serving drinks upside down while hanging from a trapeze, but the true goal for the festivities extends far beyond market, according to Berry and Woodson. Instead, the most important takeaway is for Worlds Away buyers to see how the company is evolving to serve its customers with new services and products.

“This marks only the third reimagining of our business in 32 years,” said Berry. “With each iteration, it spurs new excitement within the company, inspiring us to envision innovative ways to enhance our design and customer service offerings.”

In addition to the rebrand, Worlds Away has partnered with a U.S.-based upholstery company and will debut a new line-up of chairs, sofas and other upholstered products developed by the Memphis-based design team at High Point Market. The line is available for quick shipping from the Memphis warehouse.

The new product complements back-end strategies that are part of the rebrand, including changes to “the entire operations of our company,” Berry said. He added that updates to the website prioritize user-friendliness and customer-centric features. Additionally, changes to the internal systems optimize operations and increase efficiencies on the back end, creating a buying experience described as “streamlined, efficient and enjoyable.”

During the Friday event, described by the pair as a “celebration of craftsmanship,” the new Worlds Away logo will be unveiled, offering visitors the first look at the company’s new direction. Along with the reveal, Berry and Woodson plan to reiterate their commitment to customers, innovation and handcrafted products.

“Over the years, we’ve evolved from a handpainted toleware collection to now embracing a rich tapestry of styles and materials from around the world,” stated Woodson. “The journey from where we began to where we are now has been an incredible experience filled with wonderful employees, partners and exquisite products.

The Worlds Away celebration is 4-6 p.m., Friday, April 12, in the International Home Furnishings Center, IH-500.

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